Teamwork in seminars

KMcloud facilitates joint academic work at all times of the day and from any location. Once a virtual seminar folder has been created, it helps to organize, find, secure, discuss, work on and evaluate information and documents.

Suitable for academic research and teaching in all faculties

The KMcloud service is suitable for all subject areas in every academic faculty, be it the humanities, philosophy, German studies, biology, physics, chemistry, medicine or cultural studies. Why not give it a try!

The virtual team

With KMcloud, seminar groups become virtual teams. All seminar participants can quickly and systematically be invited to virtual seminar groups by email. KMcloud makes it possible to work in groups at all times of the day and night. If someone has an idea early in the morning, they can post it in KMcloud for discussion. Perhaps another seminar group participant will already be online. Questions in KMcloud are quickly answered by group members or answer themselves with the help of the full text and system text search functions. Work on individual papers or assignments need not be held up, and can be supported by all of the members of the group via the KMcloud system.

Optimize knowledge transfer

System documents can be worked on jointly in KMcloud. Uploaded Office documents can be searched by keyword, and discussed and commented upon. With KMcloud the seminar team is able to achieve an extremely high level of knowledge sharing. Learning and knowledge quality is increased through virtual teamwork.
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