Secure and manage seminar documentation

All of the traditional documents found in a seminar folder can be loaded into KMcloud by drag & drop or the upload function or created in it for everyone to work upon. In this way the documents of a seminar folder such as bibliographies, seminar notes, presentations or assignments can be securely backed up and at the same time made available to all members of the group.

Ultra-modern full text search

The KMcloud system has a highly modern full text search function for the text files and meta tags of a virtual seminar group. Tagging or issuing keywords is indispensable to a full text search. Keywords and searching in meta document information in KMcloud help to retrieve text and image files that were thought to have been lost. In this way, searching for and retrieving information quickly becomes child’s play.

Create backup copies

Computer systems are susceptible to crashing. Data losses are an everyday occurrence, especially with university assignments. Back-up copies of all Office documents can be created with KMcloud. Upload your as yet unfinished assignments in versions onto the KMcloud seminar system and you can access them at any time from any number of computers. Loss of data if your computer crashes or through using different computers, iPhones, smartphones, iPads and tablet computers can be overcome with a seminar folder. Naturally you decide with a single click in KMcloud whether or not documents can be released to the entire seminar group.

Make seminar documents available

With KMcloud, long and short texts can be made available to the seminar group or opened up for discussion with almost a single click. At the end of the semester, the collective stock of knowledge of a seminar group is available for all seminar participants from any location.
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