KMcloud 3.0 now available with new features

New version of the knowledge management service KMcloud offers an improved user interface with quick and easy access to user profiles, tag cloud and search function.

Pumacy Systems GmbH, Bernburg, 8 August 2012
Following the recent release of the knowledge management platform KMmaster in spring 2012, version 3.0 of the cloud-based solution KMcloud is now available. With this release knowledge and experience can be documented and shared more efficiently in the Cloud. Functionalities known from KMmaster are now available with KMcloud such as multilingual document templates and categories, an improved search function as well as the administration that allows users to manage template and user-specific data easily and efficiently.

Getting in touch with colleague is very easy with improved user profiles

The new version of KMcloud strengthens and enhances the collaboration between community members, authors and experts. The document meta information displays user names that are linked to related user profiles.
A user profile is based on a user account and provides relevant data and information of users and their activities within the system. The data are displayed in a structured and clear way.

Search and find documents

The search function is one of the most important quality criteria of a knowledge management platform.
The new version of KMcloud offers three major improvements: the tag cloud displays the most popular tags in the system. A click on a tag will show users a list of documents containing this tag. Searching is also supported by the search-as-you-type functionality. Search results can be filtered by categories and tags.
In addition, comments can now be fitted with attachments. This enables community members who are not involved in the creation process of a document to provide valuable input.
“Many users of our cloud-based solution are project teams who work in different places and at different times. They document their project experience and exchange their knowledge. A modern user interface and the quality of the documented and shared data and information are of high priority for them. With the new version of KMcloud we met all these requirements and can now offer a great tool to support collaboration between teams and people no matter where they are,” states Dr. Lars Langenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Pumacy.


The cloud-based knowledge management service KMcloud is based on the software framework KMmaster ( KMcloud is a cost effective service that can be rapidly and easily deployed. Knowledge can be stored, managed and transferred without any additional configuration required. KMmaster is a knowledge management application to manage process-based information and documents. Individually designed solution concepts promote communication and collaboration within teams working in distributed environments.

Pumacy Group

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