Exchange experiences

Shared group knowledge increases seminar quality. The virtual seminar folders are ideal for sharing and enlarging upon what has been learned with other group members. By exchanging experiences, be they positive or negative, errors are not repeated and findings of an academic or other nature can be secured. KMcloud makes it possible for all working groups to apply the principle of lessons learned.

Working structures always available

The KMcloud system helps to find and implement working structures. Each group member is always in touch with the latest status of collective information, no matter whether they are in the seminar room, library or café. Each group member is able to take part in research discussions in the virtual team. In this way, ideas can immediately be presented to the whole seminar group.

Retrieve information quickly

Information that might have been thought to be missing is available at all times to all group members via the system’s full text search. Even image documents can be found with the help of the search function if tags are used after the file has been uploaded into the system. The keywords added perfectly complement the existing search elements, file names and document meta-information.
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